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Contents Pages of Individual Chapters

Ch. 5.0   Lycaenidae Introduction (contains essential introductory material for chapters 5.1 to 5.22), 13 pages, download.

Ch. 5.1   Common Blue Group, 42 pages, download

Ch. 5.2   Amanda's Blue Group,35 pages, download 

Ch. 5.3   Turquoise Blue Group, 23 pages, download

Ch. 5.4   Chalkhill Blue Group, 51 pages, download 

Ch. 5.5   Anomalous Blue Group, 30 pages, download 

Ch. 5.6   Furry Blue Group, 24 pages, download

Ch. 5.7   Mazarine Blue Blue Group, 19 pages, download

Ch. 5.8   Brown Argus Group, 58 pages, download

Ch. 5.9   Glandon Blue Group, 21 pages, download

Ch. 5.10   Silver-studded Blue Group, 79 pages, download

Ch. 5.11   Baton Blue Group, 36 pages, download

Ch. 5.12   Large Blue Group, 30 pages, download 

Ch. 5.13   Green-underside Blue Group, 26 pages, download

Ch. 5.14   Little and Short-tailed Blue Group, 47 pages, download

Ch. 5.15   Holly and Grass Blue Group, 12 pages, download

Ch. 5.16   Tiger and Long-tailed Blue Group, 20 pages, download

Ch. 5.17   Small Copper Group, 53 pages, download

Ch. 5.18   Large Copper Group, 41 pages, download

Ch. 5.19   Black Hairstreak Group, 32 pages, download

Ch. 5.20   Purple Hairstreak Group, 16 pages, download

Ch. 5.21   Green Hairstreak Group, 16 pages, download

Ch. 5.22   Duke of Burgundy Group, 10 pages, download

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