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On this web site you can only buy complete batches of chapters.

If you want to buy any different combination of pages (from one page! upwards) contact me directly.  The cost will be the same per page.  See the Price/Contents list.

At present, there are five basic products available from this web site:

a batch of 4 chapters, 3.0 to 3.03, on the Papilionidae (Swallowtails, Festoons and Apollos);

a batch of 9 chapters, 4.0 to 4.8, on the Pieridae (Whites and Yellows);

a batch of 17 chapters, 5.0 to 5.16, on the Polyommatinae (Blues);

a batch of 6 chapters, 5.17 to 5.22, on the Lycaeninae (Coppers), Theclinae (Hairstreaks) and Riodinae (Metalmarks);

a batch of 6 chapters, 6.0 to 6.5, on the Argynnini Fritillaries.

First-time buyers will be supplied with a free copy of a provisional General Introduction and Reference chapter.

There are three PRINTED variants of the chapters, indicated in the product list by a final letter in the product code number: bound as a booklet, b; spiral bound, s; and unbound in loose-leaf form, u. The free provisional General Introduction and Reference chapter will be supplied in loose-leaf form only.

DIGITAL versions are also available as high quality non-printing pdf files, code letter D.

Because the web-site creator supplied by my host is quirky, I recommend you read the rest of this before going to purchase if you buy through this the web-site.

Click the 'Put into Basket' box for the variant chosen. Ticks always appear next to all 'Put into Basket' boxes; ignore them. You will only find what you have actually clicked is in the basket.

Add the (material) postage and packing product to your basket in the same way. For printed copies, select the P&P item in the shop that corresponds to the cost of your printed version. There is one flat rate for digital copies. Postage outside the UK has not been quantified. Please contact me for a quote to deliver outside the UK.

Slip cases: for the purpose of calculating P&P, treat each slip case ordered as if it were printed chapters costing £23.00.

Go to payment option PayPal. There you may pay with a credit/debit card (there is no surcharge). You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, but if you have one you can also pay from that.

When you complete your billing address this will be the delivery address, so it should be done correctly. Unfortunately, the layout of the boxes for the billing address is unsuited to the UK, but so long as everything that matters is in there somewhere, it can be deciphered and written out properly on your address label. If you've got a lot to fit in, use the 'company name' box for a personal name (initials and surname), and the 'personal names' boxes for parts of your address.

Using the different delivery address option doesn't help, unless you genuinely wish to use an alternative.  (There are more user friendly address boxes in the PayPal section, but this doesn't help because I don't get to see what you put there).

You will also have to supply an email address, which will be used to advise you of despatch etc. (When asked for the email type, I don't think it will matter whether you leave it as text or as HTML.)

Normally the product will be dispatched within ten working days.

If you want to communicate with me about anything, go to Contact, and use email.

If you are reluctant to use a credit/ debit card, contact me for a postal address so you can send a cheque in GBP or get my details to make a bank transfer.  The postal address and an alternative email address also appear in the downloadable price/contents list.

It is more convenient for me if you contact me personally and pay by cheque or bank transfer.

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